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Ayurvedische Massage

A large part of Ayurvedic health teaching is massage with valuable, warm oils. The full body massage is one of the most beneficial and effective. It harmoniously combines several techniques that serve to deeply relax and vitalize the body. In the case of complaints, the massage is supplemented with herbal sachets, which are swirled in hot herbal oil, allowing the active ingredients to dissolve particularly well and penetrate deep into the tissue. 

We offer individual massages and packages (half-day cures, day cures and multi-day cures).

Advice and booking ayurvedic treatments

We will be happy to advise you on our range of treatments by telephone on +49(0)7954 9 86 90 01 or by e-mail at You can also book your therapy online:


full body oil massage (60 minutes)

75 €


back massage (30 minutes)

35 €


head and face massage (30 minutes)

35 €


abdominal massage (30 minutes)

35 €


oil concentration on the back (60 minutes)

80 €


neck and shoulder massage (30 minutes)

35 €

Pada Marma-Abhyanga

foot reflex zone massage (30 minutes)

35 €


foot massage with Kansu Bowl (60 minutes)

55 €


powder massage (30 minutes)

80 €


body scrub masage (60 minutes)

80 €


massage after giving birth (60 minutes)

75 €


massage for babies (60 minutes)

35 €

Punnagadi Kizhi

double herbal bag massage (60 minutes)

85 €


full body massage focused on vital energy points (75 minutes)

95 €


The Tridosha massage helps to balance the three doshas, which in Ayurveda are the energies "Vata" air, "Pitta" fire and "Kapha" water (75 minutes)

95 €

Sidohara & Abhyanga

oil head casting therapy and full body massage (90 minutes)

120 €

Can be booked in combination with massages


(30 minutes)

5 € 

All prices are gross and per person. The cure fee can be paid on site in cash or by EC card.